Balancing work and family life – Is it possible to do?

Every post, article or advice one might come across about achieving a happy life will contain the word “balance”, I am sure about that. And it is true – balance IS everything. If we are talking about food, you will hear about nutritional balance and how important it is for your health or if the topic is related to other health or wellbeing issues, the message is the same – find a balance and keep it!

Things are pretty much the same with work and family life. Leading a happy and content life, both professional and private is possible only if you find a balance between your career, family, friends and the most important (and quite often underestimated) part of it – yourself. Quality time on your own, with yourself, is also crucial for finding a perfect balance in your life.

There are many books or articles offering advice on how to achieve a happier life through balancing work and family. Most of these recommend planning your schedule, your time with your children and partner, planning the time for your errands and of course taking care of yourself.







But is balancing your work and family and being happy with both equally really possible? I am wondering – can a person really achieve this and be happy, knowing that they have given to both of these areas of their life as much time as they really wanted to, and thought was right? Is there such a person?

If there is such a person, their job must involve their family and children and they could be doing something the whole family likes and enjoys. I have recently come across Ticket Rangers, a ticket comparison company owning a website where you can compare Florida attraction ticket prices – a Florida attraction ticket comparison site. They seem to be visiting a lot of fun places with their children, compare prices, rate the places they visit, write reviews, recommendations, etc..I was amazed by what they do and how beautiful this idea of a perfect job is, a great example of a job you need in order to achieve this perfect work and family balance!

Why your company needs content marketing

Content marketing, as a marketing strategy, focuses on the creation of content, its publication and most importantly, on its distribution to your target audience. The goal of these efforts is to drive more traffic to your website, resulting in more new business sales.

With content marketing, you establish yourself as an expert in the field and naturally, people buy from whom they can trust and see as an authority.




So, what do you achieve through content marketing? I will try to simplify and explain this as I explained and advised a client (Forklift Solutions, a company offering forklift trucks for hire and sale in Newcastle, Sunderland & throughout the North East) that approached me asking for advice recently.

Build a name for yourself

Building a name for yourself is the first goal you will achieve. If you know you’re the industry and common pain points of your target audience, you can easily address these through your content and therefore become an expert in the field. Additionally, through establishing a name for yourself, you will build brand awareness and demonstrate your skill at the same time.

Improve your organic traffic

If you regularly post fresh content on your website, this will help you improve your Google rankings. And if you focus on the relevant keywords when writing content, you are likely to show up in the top results, which will considerably improve your organic traffic.

Generate more website traffic

It is as simple as that – first, you build a name for yourself through great content, then your organic traffic improves, which leads directly to generating more traffic. Of course your website will get more visits if you appear in top 5 results for a given keyword. It does take time and effort, but you can get there!

Convert more

As you can see, each of these steps helps you achieve the next goal and the ultimate goal, of course, is to convert more. And you can convert more just by sharing your knowledge, your thought and expertise with the world!



So if you really know your job and love writing, this will be an easy task for you. It will take time, of course, but I can promise you’ll see the first results quite soon!


Voice Search is Coming!

Change is the only constant in our modern, digital world. Methods of communication are changing more rapidly than ever before, with businesses and consumerism driving the way, we’ve come a long way from hieroglyphics and smoke signals!

Two things that stand the test of time are the written word and the spoken word. We will forever be communicating using speech and through writing – what changes is our method of delivery.

There are subtle differences between written and spoken: the written word allows the reader some breathing room and time to think, the spoken word is more immediate and elicits quick, emotional responses.



Getting ready for the Spoken Word

In the age of Digitisation, where we are communicating mainly through our phones, written words are the currently the dominating factor. The next frontier is Voice.

Why is voice taking off? It’s quicker, and as a culture, we value our time enormously.

Consider a Google Search; we could speak out a search to our phone, or type it out…

The few seconds saved by from taking your phone from your pocket, unlocking it, finding your favourite search app, tapping the search box – AND THEN thinking of, and typing out, your search query, is invaluable.

Is your website ready for Voice Search?

Voice is flourishing with Search Engines. More and more people are searching using voice. ComScore predicts that by 2020, 50% of Google Searches will be performed by Voice.

Since the way in which we use Search Engines is changing, Search Engine Practices will change too. It won’t be as simple as ranking at the top of Google, there is more competition.

For example, I’m searching for an office space in Newcastle. I could type out “best office newcastle”. Alternatively, I could speak this into a Search Engine – where I’m more likely to say something like “I need to rent an office in Newcastle”, because that is more natural to say.

“Best office Newcastle” and “I need to rent an office in Newcastle” are different Keywords which require different optimisation.

So what’s different about Voice Search?

It dramatically affects your keyword research.

There is more opportunity as there are a larger variety of keywords to optimise for.

How much website traffic will you achieve optimising for “Best Office Newcastle” vs “I need to rent an office in Newcastle”?

Are you better off with a smaller percentage of the type-search results or a larger percentage of voice-search results?

The Key Separator with Voice

The key difference with voice is that the initial search result, rather than be displayed on a page of search results, will be SPOKEN OUT LOUD to you.

This is MUCH different from what we have had before.

Let’s consider for a second what it’s like to have a search result spoken back to you. One day the technology will allow an answer such as “There is well priced, modern office space 5 miles from Newcastle with free parking which has rooms available!”

If that works for you, you’re not going to go anywhere else!

You pay attention to the result

You are more attentive to the result of your voice search than you are a typed search. You are listening carefully, so that you can make an informed decision whether that would be a good office for you!

When results are displayed in list format, you scan over the results quickly. The space is highly competitive and the attention you earn is actual quite fleeting in comparison.

The value of having a potential customer paying attention to you is incredible. If your offer is compelling enough, the customer would have no reason to consider any other options. Hey, presto – you have yourself another customer – magic.

What are the search engines going to do?

Google, Apple and Amazon both have well-functioning, efficient voice search engines built in (as long as you speak clearly!).

Naturally, there will be a few teething problems, just as there was with SEO and PPC in the early years. It is the responsibility of the search engines to deliver to you the results that you desire. If any search engine stops doing that – you aren’t going to use them. It’s their business!

How any search engine chooses to do this is entirely at their discretion. Do they award this ‘voice result’ to the top organic search results? Do they let advertisers pay for the right to this space? Or will there be an entirely new mechanism for this? The decision made here will be massive for thousands of competing businesses.


Voice is fast becoming a key part of our marketing strategies and will be considered alongside website design, email marketing, classic SEO and PPC, as well as social media before too long.

Sleeky Web Design and Print is working closely with Metropolitan House Business Centre in Gateshead on their Search Engine Optimisation, ensuring they are at the top of the search results for highly relevant, targeted keywords. Sleeky will continue to optimise their pages for increased voice search when that becomes a financially sound option.

Why is photography so important in our lives?

We all get just a few big days in our lives, really. Of course, every day of our life is special, and these ordinary days actually make our lives extraordinary – because even the most ordinary day can stay in our memory forever, whether we want it or not. But these big, special moments, such as childbirth or wedding – we want to capture each and every second of it, we want to remember everything we saw and everything we felt on that occasion and then relive these moments again and again.


But we cannot remember everything forever, as much as we’d like to! This is why people hire a photographer for important days in their lives – to preserve those loving moments and the memories of the people that surrounded them.


Mini Bee Photography specialises in newborn, maternity & cake smash photography in Newcastle, Durham & throughout the North East. I am one of their happy customers and working with Sam has been a great pleasure! Sam has such a creative mind and the photographs have captured the love and joy of these moments I want to remember for the rest of my life. We first hired Mini Bee Photography for our wedding and when we got the photos we simply could not stop looking at them. And they even get more valuable in our lives as the time goes by! I knew I was going to hire Sam for our newborn photography a few months later and this was the most amazing experience for us as a family. Sam is great with kids – again, very professional and patient; her work is simply amazing!


mini bee

And this is my way of saying thanks to Mini Bee Photography and Sam. I am so grateful that she has made our special moments even more special with her talent and creativity. I can’t recommend her enough and all of you who live in Durham or Newcastle and are thinking of hiring a photographer for a wedding, maternity or newborn photography, believe me, if you hire Mini Bee Photography, you will get the photographs that you will cherish forever!

Why should you have a contact form on your ‘Contact us’ page

Contact us page is one of the most important elements on your website. Contact form is a window which visitors can fill in to contact you, so it saves their time and thus contributes to a great user experience. 


Connect Insolvency Contact Form



Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 11.32.08



Contact forms make it easier for the visitors to contact you. If your ‘Contact us’ page is easy to find, visitors will be taken straight to the contact form and will be able to contact you for any questions they might have without using their emails.


When potential customers contact via a contact form, you will make sure that their questions end up in the right mailbox, so the right person will be able to take over the communication. This will speed up the whole process and your sales cycle will go smoothly.


Your contact form will have clearly listed fields that visitors will need to fill in. Some fields might be optional, some will be mandatory, but the visitor will not be wondering if they have provided all the necessary details that you will need in order to help them.


As we all know, Google prefers user-friendly websites and tends to rate them higher in search results. So, user experience is not the only reason why your Contact us page should have a contact form.

A few other things…

Other than that, contact forms make your website clean and more professional. There is a number of tools and plugins that you can use to install a contact form in an easy and simple way and I’ll list just a few of them: WPFormsGravity FormsNinja FormsContact Form 7 and many others.

Form 7 is the most popular contact form plugin in the WordPress repository and that’s what we’ve used for building the contact for a number of websites we have built:  Connect Insolvency, Abbey Masterbatch Ltd and many others.

Designing a perfect website for your target audience

Why is it important to design a perfect website for your target audience? It is not just because you want your customers, prospects and website visitors to have a perfect journey when surfing your website or to help them easily find and understand how your services help them overcome their challenges; it is more than that – you want your website to ‘speak your customers’ language’, the message it conveys needs to be in sync with your brand, mission, vision and industry.

Therefore, your journey of designing for a target audience starts with getting to know your audience.



Identify your target audience

This step is about getting to know your target audience, knowing who you are building a website for. In terms of demographics, you need to know their age, gender, education level, culture and in B2B cases even a business industry of a typical customer. To put it simply, the most important task here is to find out who they are.

When the above questions are answered, you are all set and ready for step 2.

Research and Analysis

When researching and analyzing your target audience, you need to ask the right questions. The most important questions here are what they like, what they do, how to speak to them. You need to know what their values are and what is a typical behavior and preferences when surfing the internet.

To successfully complete the research and analysis phase, there are some questions about your product and service as well, i.e. what the main brand elements are – in terms of colour, font, styles, etc. Simply, what is the visual side of my brand and my future website?

Don’t forget to include competitor research in this phase! Try to learn from them, but also use this chance to differentiate your product and service. Turn their weaknesses into your own opportunities. There are so many advantages you can gain with this – both content-wise and design-wise.


Having gathered valuable information from the first two phases, you are ready to start planning. Planning is about incorporating what we have learned from the first 2 phases into your new website which is an extension of your business. It is about finding out how to answer your customers’ questions, how to respond to their (business) needs and of course – how to do it within predicted timelines.

Good planning saves you time and money and, in this phase, you need to decide on your website colours, style, fonts, etc. And don’t forget the images! It is known that human eye processes images quicker than words, so choose something that will look pretty and be relevant and interesting at the same time.

Think about the hierarchy of information since it is crucial for website navigation. What do you want your visitors to notice first? Is it a call to action button or is it your portfolio or recent projects that will help them find a use case? Whatever it is, make sure it stands out.

When planning is completed, you have come up with the content for your website. And you know exactly how this content will be presented – the visual side of it and the simplicity of website navigation.


When well prepared, execution is the easiest phase of this process. Now that you know who you want to speak to, what your audience’s preferences and behavior are, how you want to speak to them and what is the first thing you want to say to them – you are ready for the final step. If you have in-house designers and developers, don’t forget to involve them as soon as planning has started. If you want to outsource this project, make sure come up with a good plan for your website. A good webdesign company will be able to advise and provide some useful tips to make your website just perfect for your target audience.


We have been there and done it many times. This is not just pure theory, but a practice done many times and proven with a number of happy customers we have worked with. An example of one such project is the website we designed and built for J3 Building Solutions Ltd – a perfect example of a project well researched, well planned and more than well executed.

The difficulty of writing copy for technical subjects

technical writerSo, when it comes to writing about a complex or technically difficult subject matter, a certain level of research is required to ensure that the content you provide is clear, concise, and factually correct.

The technical nature of complex copywriting projects means that it can be extremely challenging for even the most competent and experienced copywriters to construct content that is fit for purpose, especially if they lack the technical subject knowledge and background.

The good news is there are lots of tricks of the trade you can use in order to produce high quality content that is accurate, engaging, and powerful.

Here’s our guide to the techniques you can employ to create content that inspires action, no matter what the subject matter. After all, a good copywriter should be able to write about anything.

Start by gathering all the facts

Before you start any copywriting project, you should always begin by gathering as many facts and information about the subject you are going to be writing about. Collect and review all source material for the project and highlight any major features or benefits of the topic, service or product you are writing about.

Go back to basics

If you’re writing about a subject that is difficult to understand or complex, children’s books or school-books can be an invaluable source of information. They tend to cover a whole host of subjects and are written in a way that is much easier to understand than adult text.

A high tech dictionary will also prove invaluable if you’re a copywriter that writes a lot about complex subject matters.

Interview your client

Before you put pen to paper, make sure you understand your brief inside out! Clarify anything that you are uncertain about and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

It can really help to get the information you need by interviewing your client.

This will allow you to get a clear idea of the service or product that your client is offering, and extract all relevant information you need to complete the project you are working on to the highest possible standard.

Oh, and although the majority of copywriters are perfectionists, don’t be offended if your client asks you to make amendments to the first draft. This is often happens when copywriters are working on technical content.

We have recently worked alongside The National Renal Complement Therapeutics Centre in order to design and develop their website from scratch and were responsible for overseeing the content creation for the website. This was one of the most challenging projects we have worked on due to the technical nature of the subject matter. The National Renal Complement Therapeutics Centre specialise in atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome, eculizumab, C3 glomerulopathy and offer advice on the diagnosis and management of these rare conditions.

However, we have worked on a wide range of website content, for a variety of different sectors, so we were able to confidently adapt the style and tone of the content so that it was fit for purpose. You can check out our work here.

Choosing the best writing style for your website

Your website should not only reflect your brand identity, values, and philosophy, but it should also inspire action through the choice of words you use.

After all, a distinctive style and tone will not only help you to set yourself apart from your competitors, but it will also allow you to inject elements of your brand personality into your website.

And in today’s overpopulated digital world, it’s more important than ever before that you finely tune all elements of your website, if you stand any chance of optimising your reach and maximising engagement levels.

Here’s our guide to choosing the best writing style for your website.

Choosing a suitable tone

When it comes to choosing a suitable tone for your website, it’s important that you consider the personality of your brand and how you want your audience to perceive you.

There are a whole host of tones that you can use to bring your website to life however, the right tone for your website will depend on your brand identity. This tone should be consistent throughout your entire website, and most importantly, it should be clear, concise and impactful.

Choosing a suitable tone is a key part of the creative process. Here’s an insight into the tones you can choose from:


A direct tone is often used by brands wanting to reflect a conservative and traditional personality. Powerful, clear and professional, this tone is often used to instill trust and credibility.

Of course, direct language can also be used to motivate and empower.


Informal language is becoming increasingly popular as brands seek to inject a healthy dose of fun and excitement into their website content.

Perfect for inspiring action and grabbing your audience’s attention from the second they land on your site, this style of writing sparks engagement, leaving your audience excited about who you are and what you have to offer.


From the moment your customers land on your site, your ultimate goal should be to make them feel welcome, which is why so many brands opt for a friendly tone.

A friendlier tone tends to work best for family orientated brands looking to inject a warm, welcoming, and pleasant style into their website.


When choosing a style of language for your website, you should take into consideration the age and demographic of your target audience.

This will allow you to establish a tone that your target market will not only resonate with, whilst also encouraging interaction. For example, if you are talking directly to a young audience, use language that’s on their wavelength and a style of writing that reflects current trends.

We crafted highly engaging content for both AG Events and Scan Time. As you can see, the style and tone was adapted accordingly to reflect the brand identity of each business.

Old School: 4 great young-adult school stories

An Abundance of KatherinesJust a century ago, stories for teenagers, or ‘young-adult’ novels wasn’t even something that was on many publishers’s radars at all. The general feeling was that children didn’t read. However, this expectation has shifted dramatically in the past three decades

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

YouTube-star and young-adult sensation John Green is no stranger to fans of YA novels. His books have recently been turned into Hollywood movies, whilst An Abundance of Katherines remains his most spell-binding book to date.

Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson

Twisted is a novel from Laurie Halse Anderson which examines the mindset of the typical American teenager. The story is told from the point of view of Tyler Miller. He was an average, overlooked high school student until the end of his junior year, where a graffiti prank led to him working all Summer to pay the fine for his misdemeanor. After the summer and upon his return to school, Tyler finds that the attitude of others towards him has changed, as have his muscles. I think Anderson has done an amazing job with Twisted. I was never bored and I sympathised with all the protagonist’s emotions and turmoil throughout.

Inexcusable by Chris Lynch

I’ve been wanting to read this book since before it was published. It’s about a high school boy whose girlfriend accuses him of raping her. Inexcusable is a challenging read but definitely an important book to help young adults navigate this confusing part of their lives, expecially when the boundaries of young-love can seem confusing to many. Keir (the lead) is a good guy. Or at least, he says he is. But some people seem to think differently. It starts to become obvious that Keir might be lying, and not only to the reader but to himself as well.

Luna by Julie Anne Peters

A controversial one this. Regan’s brother Liam struggles with the person he is during the day. Like the moon, Liam has chosen his female namesake, his true self, Luna, only comes out at night. This book is an amazing step forward in YA literature. Although you get a feeling for what the book is about by reading the back copy, sadly you don’t start to get the full spectrum of what this actually means until you reach the end of chapter one. Well worth a read this.

My thanks go to Furrowfield School. I spoke to somebody there during my research on this blog about the most loved young-adult books right now and they gave me some fantastic book suggestions to consider.

From A to B: stories of transformation

Gatsby_1925_jacketIn fiction, the Rags to Riches tale is one of the core basic plots of storytelling. Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice are all some of the most popular examples of the archetype.

In the real world: rags to riches stories are common. Successful entrepreneurs who went from relative poverty or a challenging situation, to financial or personal success: Sir Richard Branson (Virgin), Sir Philip Green (Arcadia) and Mike Ashley (Sports Direct).

So, what is a ‘Rags to Riches’ story? This is where the modest and moral, yet downtrodden character achieves a great deal in the face of advertisty when their latent talents are finally displayed to the world at large.

In the real world this applies to anyone with a skill, ability or material which is not yet reaching its potential, due to a set of circumstances, sometimes beyond their control.

For businesses offering a produce or service, they often tend to play the role of the “Fairy Godmother”, giving the hero enough of a push to get to the right place and at the right time.

Some real world examples of businesses that offer such a service are construction companies Newcastle J3 Building Solutions who offer residential and commercial building services to assist you with your building project from conception to completion. On the digital side, web design north east provider Sleeky Web Design & Print who design fantastic websites for their clients, letting them tell their own story on the internet with a bespoke website.

In researching this article, I read the great book, ‘The Seven Basic Plot Types’ by Christopher Booker. A great read for anybody looking to learn more about the construction of fiction behind the veil.