Air conditioning without external unit

Today I am going to write about air conditioning without an external unit, which I did not know was possible until I faced a problem with restrictions on my property. About a year ago, my wife and I bought our first flat and were so excited to start renovating it. My wife was particularly excited about buying new furniture and decorating the kitchen – her job was to plan everything, and my job was to make it happen 🙂 .


Both of us were facing different challenges – she liked different pieces of furniture that did not match well or fit in, and my challenges were mainly about structural changes – which walls can and can not be taken down, do I need a permit and what kind of permit do I need? A seemingly small challenge almost ruined my whole experience and joy of buying and renovating the flat – due to the restrictions on the building, we could not install an air conditioner with an outside condenser, which we thought was the only option available. At that point I felt like selling the flat and running away from everything – I could not imagine myself living in this new (almost) perfect flat, where everything looks just as we had always dreamed of, but feels extremely uncomfortable, especially in summer. I know this might sound like I am making a mountain out of a molehill, but this is exactly why I am writing about this. I was prepared for big challenges, I was even prepared for not being able to solve them and finding an alternative solution, but I was not prepared for this seemingly small challenge that could affect the quality of my life and time spent in my new flat so much.


Luckily, I came across the company called ACS Installations, offering air conditioning without external unit among other things. I called them and explained the challenge we were facing and their approach, the questions they asked me, their responsiveness immediately convinced me that I had nothing to worry about. Water cooled internal condenser installed by ACS Installations helped me regain the joy and excitement I initially felt and lost at the thought of not being able to have an air conditioner in our new flat.

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I know this might sound silly, but I am sure we all have our moments – we freak out over nothing, which at the time seems to be everything to us 🙂 .