5 Key Benefits of using an Automated Booking System on your Business Website

1. Centralized Management enables Customised Customer Experience

Automated booking systems will allow your company to apply changes across your entire network with just one click of a button.

This centralized management will allow your company to customize various factors including package types, promotional details, prices, and so on. This allows your business to provide a more smooth and customised experience to your customers as well as a chance to increase your revenue by adding additional add-ons to your service.

For example, if you were a tour van hire company, this process may allow you to customised touring and event support packages to increase your revenue with each sale. You could use this process to identify additional promotional details and packages that might be suited to the needs identified by the customer.

For example, if a customer wanted available entertainment you might include a package with High Definition Smart TV’s, Xbox One or PS4 Console with games and movies. If a customer identified a good night sleep as vital, you could include a package with luxury memory foam beds.

2. Get Paid Quickly and Securely

Your payments system will be eased with an online booking platform. You can compel your guests to pay when they book, further increasing your income.

Another benefit is in case of a no-show, you can keep some money as compensation to reduce overall financial loss.

Automated booking solutions also feature secure payment gateways that lead directly to your website. By avoiding redirecting potential customers to third-party agents, rest-assured the money will go directly into your businesses account, meaning your business is more likely to get paid faster.

3. 24/7 Booking Availability

As online booking systems work any time around the clock, this provides freedom to potential customers to book a service anytime they want, potentially after work or at night time. This could maximise your sales and avoid limiting sales to the working hours of the business.

4. Convenience for the Customer

In this day and age, where consumers can quite literally access any business, service or product rapidly with one tiny click of a button – convenience is key.

Including a booking system on your website enables convenience for the consumer by allowing them to type their main wants and needs of a service in a small message box and providing their email and contact number for a quick response in their inbox from the company.

This gives a great opportunity for your business to then list different packages and services which will be most suited to their needs and makes the customer feel listened to.

Automated tech can enhance your client experience by enabling companies to serve customers better than the business could before when done with thoughtful, human-like copy. It is no surprise that companies of all different sizes and value propositions are using it to improve their features in both simple and innovative ways, as explained by Business News Daily.

5. Save Money and Boost Revenue

Automated booking solutions are designed with saving money and increasing sales in mind. This service can be argued to streamline your business operations, task management and communications.

It also boosts efficiency and allows your business or services to make personalised and immediate decisions based on present enquires, further increasing overall efficiency for everyone involved.

In Conclusion

Given the benefits listed above, an automated booking system on your business website can increase your overall business revenue and increase potential sales by making the paying system more direct and quicker, being readily available to customers 24/7 and boosting overall efficiency of payments.

Another benefit your business will receive from using an automated booking system on your website is gaining more control over offering your services as you will be able to apply changes across your entire network.

This in turn, will allow you to give a more streamlined service, making this customer journey seamless and convenient which will increase chances of happy returning customers. Therefore, it is clear both the customers and your business will reap different benefits from this aspect of your website.

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Where to Put Your Business Logo

So you’ve just spent days, or even weeks designing a new logo that perfectly reflects your brand’s identity and now you are ready to start incorporating it into your marketing strategy. Great! The pressing question is, where do you put it?

There is an astronomical amount of visual advertising in modern-day society and at times consumers can feel overwhelmed. That being said, logos both shape consumer perceptions of a company and affect their purchasing behaviour, so it is important that you get the balance right.

Think strategically before sprinkling your business logo here, there and everywhere and make sure to prioritise the places that will attract potential customers and generate the most exposure for your business. Here are the top 5 places to show off your new logo:

Your Website

It’s 2021, which means your company probably (and hopefully) has a stylish website on which to display your new logo. This is a vital platform for both potential customers and repeat customers, therefore it is important that these valued visitors have a visual logo that conjures up the right thoughts and feelings about your business. There is a lot of existing research out there about whether you should put your logo on the left, right or centre, but first and foremost make sure it is clearly visible on the homepage.

Your Email Signature

Clear brand communication and recognition is paramount, therefore there is no excuse not to have your logo embedded in your email signature. Make sure it is responsive on all devices too, as smartphones are now the primary place for email correspondence. Not only is this a clear sign of professionalism but it will also save precious time spent explaining who you are to the recipient.

Social Media

Consistency is the key to branding, therefore having your logo on all social media profiles is crucial. Of course, make sure that you are creating relevant content to go alongside your logo, but having this visual branding in the same location and in the same size format across all social media platforms is a sure-fire way of making you recognisable to followers.

Company Documents

So you’ve remembered to have your logo printed on T-shirts, mugs and all other types of office merchandise and décor, but you have forgotten something a lot more important – making sure all documents are branded with the company logo. Not only will this help with administration, but having the logo in the header is a classic marketing tool for when you are sending out physical letters to customers.

Business Vehicles

Have you ever read the visuals on a business vehicle beside you whilst stuck in traffic? There is no denying that busy roads and car parks are a perfect place to advertise your business. When executed right, a vehicle featuring branded colours or an eye-catching logo can do wonders for brand recognition. If you are looking at investing in vehicle graphics to spruce up a business car, just keep in mind that your logo design needs to be one that can be read easily in moving traffic.

A logo is a visual mascot for your business or brand – an image that reflects your company’s values and makes you easily identifiable. It is essentially a marketing strategy, and when placed tactically in both online and offline spaces, it can become an effective branding and promotional tool for your business.