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4 Ways to Maximise SEO Through Content Writing

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the phrase used to describe the various processes behind ensuring that a website is hyper-visible within a search engine’s result’s system.

Strong SEO is the backbone of any brand’s digital presence, as it partially dictates the amount of traffic that is directed toward the services your business is offering. There are various ways to increase search engine optimisation, from the usage of high-quality imagery to the inclusion of certain links within a piece of text; but one of the leading SEO techniques comes in the form of calculated content writing.

This is largely due to the fact that shaping blog posts and written content around keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business is one of the most reliable ways to achieve high-quality SEO. For further elaboration, read on as we break down the key ways to elevate the written copy on your company’s website in order to consistently attract the attention of multiple online algorithms.

Conduct In-Depth Keyword Research

Perhaps the most integral aspect of integrating consistent and effective SEO into your website’s written content comes from the inclusion of well-researched keywords.. Finding the right terms and phrases that will appeal to your target demographic – i.e that are in perfect alignment with what your website is offering – is absolutely crucial when trying to remain ahead of the competition in this regard. Developing a deep understanding who you’re writing for is key, as is utilising keyword search engines and Google trends to truly flesh out the overall SEO developmental process.

Focus on Link-Building

The importance of link building when it comes to efficacious search engine optimisation is often overlooked by business owners, despite playing an integral role in the online visibility of a website or a piece of content. Ensuring optimal relevance for your work by linking your blog/article across social media, and encouraging your team to follow suit is always good practice. Additionally, including links to authority websites within your piece – i.e sites that are vetted and trustworthy sources, is also very attractive to various search engine algorithms.

Optimise Your Copy

It’s important to understand the ins and outs of getting the most out of a piece of written work, especially in regards to how algorithms interact with copy based content. For example – placing essential keywords within the first two lines of a post is generally seen as good practice, because they are usually the only lines that appear within immediate search engine results. Making an effort to maximise your content writing through an SEO based lens always goes a long way.

Publish Search-Engine Friendly Headlines

Knowing what will grab the attention of various search engine algorithms is half the battle when it comes to publishing SEO-optimised copy. This general rule of thumb applies tenfold when it comes to crafting the right headline for any given piece of copy – which should usually involve two to three keywords related to your topic, while remaining relatively short and snappy for an optimal outcome.

In Conclusion

With all of that being said, it’s obvious that professional content writing produced by an experienced author can truly improve the way your brand’s website is received by its users.


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