Balancing work and family life – Is it possible to do?

Every post, article or advice one might come across about achieving a happy life will contain the word “balance”, I am sure about that. And it is true – balance IS everything. If we are talking about food, you will hear about nutritional balance and how important it is for your health or if the topic is related to other health or wellbeing issues, the message is the same – find a balance and keep it!

Things are pretty much the same with work and family life. Leading a happy and content life, both professional and private is possible only if you find a balance between your career, family, friends and the most important (and quite often underestimated) part of it – yourself. Quality time on your own, with yourself, is also crucial for finding a perfect balance in your life.

There are many books or articles offering advice on how to achieve a happier life through balancing work and family. Most of these recommend planning your schedule, your time with your children and partner, planning the time for your errands and of course taking care of yourself.







But is balancing your work and family and being happy with both equally really possible? I am wondering – can a person really achieve this and be happy, knowing that they have given to both of these areas of their life as much time as they really wanted to, and thought was right? Is there such a person?

If there is such a person, their job must involve their family and children and they could be doing something the whole family likes and enjoys. I have recently come across Ticket Rangers, a ticket comparison company owning a website where you can compare Florida attraction ticket prices – a Florida attraction ticket comparison site. They seem to be visiting a lot of fun places with their children, compare prices, rate the places they visit, write reviews, recommendations, etc..I was amazed by what they do and how beautiful this idea of a perfect job is, a great example of a job you need in order to achieve this perfect work and family balance!


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