Fun corporate event entertainment ideas

Remember the time when corporate events were all serious with very little fun and entertainment? It’s as if ‘corporate’ used to mean “stiff”. But let’s admit it, the times have changed, and entertainment has become an important part of corporate events. This is what engages the audience and breathes life into these events. After all, it is the people who will attend these events and people like fun, no matter what title or position they hold.


The focus of corporate events is now on creativity and entertainment and there are so many options and interesting ideas that can help you win the hearts of your attendees.


There are several types of corporate events, such as seminars, conferences, team-building events but today I’ll be talking about interesting ideas that might help you spice up your company milestone or anniversary celebrations and make them a true success in every aspect. But before that, I will share a very useful post by Event MB with so many inspiring ideas to help you impress your attendees at your corporate event.


Interactive Food and Beverage Stations

This is a great trend that your guests will love. The stations are created to match the style of your wedding theme and there will be a chef or bartender responsible for explaining the origins of the food and beverage served. What your guests will particularly like about this is that they will be able to customize their food, desserts and drinks!


Photo Booth

Photo booth is a proven success. Wondering how I know this? Well, I’ve attended several parties with a photo booth and there was always a long queue in front of it. That’s how I know that everybody loves photo booths.



Having a magician at your corporate event will add a circus element to your it and will awe your attendees. Their interesting and inspiring tricks will also leave the audience wondering “how the hell are they doing it?” which will make this event unforgettable.


Light Up Letters

Light up letters are such a great and pleasant distraction that you can use to personalize the event and make it outstanding! Adding different coloured bulbs to suit the colour theme of your event will add a stunning effect to your corporate event.




Great Music

When there are great music and a powerful beat, your guests will simply have to move, dance or even jump. So be it a live band, DJ or maybe even karaoke where you will give your attendees an opportunity to be rockstars – I promise you, they will never forget this experience.


Magic Selfie Mirror

I’ve recently attended a corporate event run by AG Events, a corporate entertaining company, and my favourite part was the magic selfie mirror. It was so refreshing, fun and it sort of helped me reconnect with my inner child, which is probably why I truly enjoyed playing with it. The photos I’ve taken capture this amazing spirit and the atmosphere filled with laughter and true happiness.


Fire Performers

This looks somewhat dangerous, doesn’t it? Yes, and this is a sentiment you want to add to your corporate event, trust me! I’ve had a chance to attend an event with fire performers and their performance was so impressing that I had to try it myself (not at the event, of course 🙂 )


Wrap up

There are many ways you can spice up your corporate events and give your attendees a chance to enjoy themselves, have fun, laugh and even be silly if they please. These emotions colour your event and make an everlasting memory for your guests!


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