How adding a delivery option to your website will increase your sales

Today’s world is all about convenience – customers expect an ease of access to the products and services they want. Although nothing beats the traditional consumer experience of going out to a physical store or restaurant and purchasing a product, offering a delivery option to your customers is beneficial in the success and growth of your business. Over 40% of UK restaurant owners said they would have had to shut their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic if it wasn’t for the revenue they received from their food delivery service option.

With a growing number of people opting to order online, here are four reasons a delivery option will be good for your business:

It expands your customer base

You’ll be able to reach new customers outside your local area and in turn broaden your target audience by adding a delivery service to your business. Offering delivery will let you tap into a wider customer base, including people who live further away or people who may not be able to visit your physical store. You can have an in-house delivery driver and set your own radius and rates or collaborate with a trusted delivery platform. This popular New York style pizza restaurant in Gosforth, Newcastle uses Uber Eats to deliver orders straight to their customer’s doorsteps.

You’ll keep up with competitors

In today’s highly competitive market, offering delivery is no longer optional – it’s expected. If your competitors are offering delivery and you’re not, you risk losing customers to them solely because of convenience. You have a better chance of staying competitive, retaining customers, and keeping up with changing customer expectations by offering this service.

You’ll have a better understanding of your customers

A delivery option will allow you to view and analyse valuable information about your customers which you can use to make your business more profitable. Customer demographics, product preferences and days that customers are more likely to purchase products can be used to personalise your marketing model and improve the customer experience. This will ultimately lead to increased sales and grow your business.

There will be additional stream of income

The boom in e-commerce means a lot of customers will find it easier to order online, so you’ll get as much business as possible by offering in-store and delivery options. Having this kind of option will add a new stream of income as your products will be more accessible to current customers and your business will have more exposure to prospective customers. You can also take advantage of this by offering online-exclusive discounts to further drive your sales.

All in all

Delivery options offer numerous benefits for businesses of all types. If you’re not already, now is the time to provide your customers with a reliable, timely delivery service. Your business will reach new customers, meet expectations, gain a competitive advantage, and build customer loyalty. Evaluating how you can incorporate delivery into your business model is well worth the effort.


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