How you can capitalise off promoting seasonal offers online

In 2021 Barclays Payments saw a 3.2% rise in transactions during the most popular seasonal offer in the UK, Black Friday. While this figure sounds insignificant, it reflects the estimation that the nationwide offer pumped an additional £0.5 billion into the economy. It’s evident that when done right, offering promotions, loyalty programs and discounts to your customers is a great way to boost your growing business. It’s almost guaranteed to increase direct sales, increase brand awareness through marketing, and attract new customers.

The first step to letting people know about your offers is by marketing them, and in our digital age, it’s best to do this online. Here are three platforms where you can promote your offers and their respective advantages:

Social media

With billions of monthly active users, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the best free outlets where you can promote your seasonal offers. Doing this through Facebook or Instagram can be as simple as uploading a photo of your promotional poster with a concise, eye-catching caption, just as this North East pub has. This additionally helps increase website traffic, as people are likely to click on your company’s website for booking/more information about the promotion.

You can tailor a promotional offer for Twitter by announcing giveaways. Encouraging users to follow and retweet your brand’s tweet for a chance to win a certain product will drive engagement and give you a better understanding of your audience, all while reaching a wider audience at a low cost.

Your website’s landing page

Landing pages on websites are well known for effectively converting visitors into customers or leads and have a higher conversion rate than regular webpages. Creating a landing page for your seasonal offers will thus showcase your products or services in one easy-to-find place and give you a good chance of turning clicks into sales. It’s important to include details, images/videos and an enticing call-to-action that encourages visitors to take advantage of the offers available to them. Another benefit of having a landing page is that it optimises your website for search engines and increases online visibility.

Member/online exclusive offers

Member exclusive offers are a great way to bring new customers in. Rewarding loyalty with exclusive promotional offers will more than likely encourage non-members to sign up so they can take advantage of the offers too. Assuming your sign-up forms will be on your website, you’ll create more website traffic, be able to track the effectiveness of these discounts and measure your ROI. Having member exclusive offers concurrent with other seasonal offers is an even better way of getting more sales as customers will want to maximise what they get out of a deal.

The gist

Thanks to our connected world, promoting your business’ seasonal offers through the various ways mentioned provides a great way to increase your brand’s visibility, attract new customers, and retain existing ones. Be sure to track your results and adjust your strategies accordingly to maximise your ROI!


Hello, my name is David Banks and I live in the south of England. Join me on my blog to taste a slice of my life and see things from my perspective. I like to read books and am trying to write my first novel.