Top reasons why you need life insurance

The problem with this topic is that people in their thirties who may or may not have started families feel that this is a depressing thought to consider at their age. Why would they think about their own passing in such a happy phase of their life? It almost feels like making that move and buying life insurance calls for this unfortunate event we all fear.

But it does not have to be that way. I personally see it as a move people make to protect their families; a final good deed done for their loved ones.

Anyway, depressing thoughts aside and looking from a practical aspect, why do you need life insurance?




Protect Your Family


Protecting one’s family is not a choice, it is more of an instinct. The main purpose of buying life insurance is providing financial support to your family and thus protecting them. It helps you make sure your family is financially stable, that your spouse’s lifestyle does not need to be compromised, or that your children’s education expenses will be taken care of.


Leave inheritance

In case your family does not need any immediate financial help I mentioned above, life insurance helps you ensure a solid future for your children in the long run.


It’s easier when you are younger

Like I said, younger people tend to avoid this move because they think it is too early to think about what happens when they are gone, but the fact is – insurance is much cheaper for younger people, especially if they are single.


For your peace of mind


Last but not least, it should bring you peace of mind. As reluctant as you might be to start this whole thing, once you are done with it, it will help you, I promise! Knowing that your family’s financial needs will be taken care of and that you’ve done everything you could to protect them should help you lead a worry-free life and be happy.




I’m not sure about you and what you consider the strongest reason for buying a life insurance policy, but for me, it is definitely the last one, which summarises the previous benefits of having life insurance. Renew Life’s slogan “Renew Life Give Your Family Peace of Mind” perfectly reflects the whole point of having life insurance and I agree with what they say 🙂 .




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