Why invest in solar energy?

It’s no secret that solar energy has become a more renowned and popular energy source for homeowners and businesses. With it comes less reliance on energy companies and more reliance on the natural energy that comes from solar panels and a greater want today to invest in solar energy.


Solar panels use Photovoltaics (PV) which are non-chemical devices that convert sunlight directly into energy. Solar panels also come with a battery that stores electricity to be used during the night with any leftover unused energy being sent to the national grid, meaning that energy providers will pay per kilowatt as a part of the SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) Programme which can be up to 15p per kilowatt.


North East Solar uses solar PV which are quick to install and also specialises in other types of renewable solar energy installations and has helped many households and businesses in the North East to quickly convert to solar energy. Solar energy also helps to reduce both electricity bills, which is important during a time like now, where the cost of living is making people think about more efficient ways to reduce costs and their overall carbon footprint, which is something many are concerned about today due to climate change and the government pushing for renewable energy to be more widely used by households around the UK, as the energy is renewable and doesn’t generate any emissions that would otherwise be emitted from fossil fuels.


Additionally, solar panels themselves are also very low maintenance as they have no moving parts so they’re less likely to get worn over time meaning that you won’t need to constantly keep replacing parts and any parts that may need replacing would only need to be replaced after over 10 years leaving solar panels to be generally low maintenance (only needing to be cleaned manually) so you don’t have to spend money on constant repairs all making solar panels easy to maintain. So solar energy and panels are easy to sustain to get sustainable energy!


Solar energy also provides a backup energy source which is incredibly useful, since you’re relying on your own energy and not the energy of a provider so if there were to ever be an outage, there’s the backup electricity in the battery, which is why solar powered generators are popular energy sources for campers seeing as they recharge themselves meaning that they wouldn’t have to be constantly recharged as they would mostly always be charged from the power of the sun.


Investing in solar energy is a great environmental help, it can help to reduce the carbon footprint and help reduce energy costs amid the cost of living crisis. Solar energy has been extending its reach in the UK for years, currently, there have been 1.3 million panel installations in the UK with that number slowly growing throughout the years as more people are generating cleaner energy to help themselves and the environment out to make a sustainable energy source that helps everyone in the long run.


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